Tohara Seito(Ceramics) Co.,ltd. has been producing porcelain since 1923 and exporting our products to the US mainly. Our office is based in Nagoya, where is surrounded  in the places of production of the world-famous pottery, Seto, Mino, Tokoname, Shigaraki and Banko. Their potteries have been exported from the Nagoya port to all over the world for long time. However, regrettably, the amount of export is on the decline these days due to  the appreciation of the Japanese yen against  foreign currencies, especially the US dollar.  Added to this problem, more competitors came up in the market. One of them is a China. Now, we are losing a chance to export.

We are absolutely sure that we can produce porcelain and  pottery of the finest quality and the well-design in the world. And in order to strengthen our competitive position in world markets again,  we need to simplify the current distribution system.
First of all, let us show you the price structure of the American market as a concrete example here.
Japanese side Price  Structure Remarks
Maker Sell 100 We are here.
Exporter Buy 100
Sell 110 P0% expoter's interest
including shipping cost &
American side 121 about 10% import tax
Importer Buy 121
Sell 182 50% importer's interest
Wholesaler Buy 182
Sell 273 50% wholesaler's interest
Retailer Buy 273
Sell 410 50% retailer's interest
Consumer Buy 410
As the above list says, the retail price is more than  FOUR times of our selling price. And in order to reduce this retail price as much as possible, we think that we have to throw out this complicated distribution channel and send our product to a consumer directly. If we can do it, our products will  be sold to you on 100 plus freight cost basis as you  see in the above list.  And no doubt it must be  the most  competitive and reasonable price.

Company name Tohara Seito(Ceramics) Co.,ltd.
Capital JP\10,000,000 (as of Dec 1, 1999)
Address Houtoku-cho 53, Kita-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken, Japan
Tel & Fax No. Tel /81-52-991-8178   Fax/81-52-991-8179
List of products Cup & Saucer, Mug, Dish, Plate, Platter, Bowl, Cutlery, Novelties, Mino-yaki, Tokoname-yaki, Shigaraki-yaki
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